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Perhaps realizing that talent's access to chances to grudgingly perform fellatio on a casting director or producer in exchange for a walk-on role on Grey's Anatomy is bottlenecked by selfish gatekeepers like agents and power-mad nightclub doormen, the creators of Cast-a-Date offer an innovative way for show business hopefuls to use the internet to free themselves from the inefficiencies of the Hollywood system, giving them a safe online place in which to mingle, pretend to listen to one another blather on and on about the crazy dreams that brought them to L.A., and then arrange for the aforementioned trade of sexual favors for acting gigs—all without having to leave the comfort of their studio apartment! So far, there's only a single casting notice for a host/bikini model job posted, but as the site grows in popularity throughout an industry tired of the needless hassle of having to sit in traffic before getting their shot to be taken advantage of in person, its virtual casting office will be overflowing with higher-profile opportunities for the web-embracing stars of tomorrow.