Media Bubble: Comedy Central Going Down

  • Comedy Central and TVLand head downtown to Hudson Street, although that may just be a plot by Viacom to make mass layoffs easier to handle. [NYP]
  • Google will happily narc out its users. [Internetnews]
  • SF Chron reporters not to attend jail. And the BALCO steroids case leaker? The BALCO guy's lawyer. Innaresting. [SFGate]
  • David Carr weeps for the tabloidization of the Observer; the Post cites its "bizarre and frightening" artwork. Mike Bloomberg just reads it for that column by windowdresser Simon Doonan. [NYT]
  • Keith Olbermann re-signs with MSNBC. [TVNewser]
  • Even in England celebrity mags are beating the hell out of regular lady titles. [Guardian]