NBC News daddy Brian Williams is profiled in the March/April Men's Vogue, and we have to admit that even our dirty hearts were touched. It made us think that Williams is that anchor we've been waiting for—someone to really love. He's like the anti-Couric!

On his staff meetings: "Williams is friendly and fun-loving around these folks, even engaging a departing intern on the subject of how she'll get her bags home." (He talks to the interns!)

On his blog: "He has vowed to read all viewer mail, despite having to endure comments about his 'crooked face' (he broke his nose playing high school football) and his penchant for tanning. Even on his blog, Williams sounds like an inspired—and inspiring—throwback: He improves upon the cantankerous tsk-tsk pronouncements of Edwin Newman and Andy Rooney while proving his own extremely well-informed pop sensibility. His iPod includes U2 (Bono, with whom he ventured to Africa, is his admitted 'man crush'); She Wants Revenge, his new favorite band, which he discovered on Jimmy Kimmel's show; and the Shins, his second favorite." (Tanning!)

On his fans: "He is acutely aware of how he's perceived. During a December visit, he proposes an experiment in which we will cross Rockefeller Center's mobbed plaza. 'There will be a bearded, tweedy academic and he won't have a glimmer of recognition when we pass,' Williams predicts. 'But there will be three woman with Santa pins from Ohio who will light up. Rich, Ivy League, preppy families have never watched Eyewitness News or Live at Five; it's not part of their day. But I know exactly who does and I can point them out to you." (Santa pins!)

The Life of Brian [Men's Vogue, not online. We laboriously typed out all of the above.]