We were paging through the March issue of Black Book (it's the Hollywood issue!) when we came across "Road to Perdition," a two-spread paean to the joys of driving drunk on the Pacific Coast Highway. We were taken by the verisimilitude of the whole thing. The writer really captures how enervating exhilarating it is to careen through Malibu while doped to the gills. We took a look at the byline, and damned if the thing wasn't written by the Observer's gossip reporter Spencer Morgan, last seen on this site micturating off of gossip columnist Ben Widdicombe's fire escape.

We had to know. Was the story drawn from real life? Mr. Morgan was kind enough to comment via email:

I grew up about a 10-minute walk from the PCH. As a young lad I used to walk the pee-soaked underpass to get to State Beach. Lots of scary homeless people lived there so I'd always carry my trusty Swiss Army knife with me in case the shit went down. Later, I was forced to drive that beast. I have many friends who've run into serious trouble on the PCH. They were usually drunk. From a young age, I've had a terrible fear of drinking and driving. I try not to do it, especially on the PCH. And even though the shit never went down, I still carry a fear of pee-soaked underpasses. I try to avoid them, too!

Got it. Guess that only applies in the warmer climes.

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