Gossip Roundup: Foxy Brown Lashes Out Again

  • Foxy Brown (aka Inga Marchand), who recently completed her probation for attacking a manicurist in Manhattan, was arrested again yesterday for creating a disturbance in a beauty supply store. We're pissed at that eyeshadow too, Foxy! [TSG]
  • According to one of the 80 billion lawyers involved in this story, Anna Nicole Smith had her funeral outfit all picked out. [NYDN]
  • Justin Timberlake subtly implied that Britney might want to clean up her act in his Brit awards acceptance speech. [Derek Hail]
  • Keri "Felicity" Russell had a romantic V-day shotgun wedding. [Us Weekly]
  • That stewardess DID bone Ralph Fiennes—and he didn't even wrap it up first. [Page Six]
  • We're starting to think that maybe social chronicler David Patrick Columbia is sort of peeved that he wasn't invited to kazillionaire Steve Schwarzman's b-day megabash. [NYSD]