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And so it goes: According to Extra—exclusively, at least until People, Us Weekly, and TMZ rush their reports online in the next five minutes—Britney Spears has finally decided to make a proactive decision about her health and check into rehab, where she and her overexposed ladyparts can reflect about the poor decisions they've made over the last few turbulent months. There's no information on what facility she's chosen, but we hope that she selects the celebrity-friendly, Lohan-approved Wonderland Center, which will provide her with a Sober Nanny who will allow Spears to quickly return to the baby-neglecting routine that will bring much-needed stability to her recovery process.

UPDATE: TMZ reports the shocking new EXCLUSIVE! DETAILS! that Spears checked into a facility outside of the country two days ago, then checked out a day later. No word on whether that brief stay has completely cured her of her party-loving demons, or if she'll need an additional one-day course of treatment when she returns to L.A.