We somehow overlooked UrbanDaddy's Valentine's Day interview with The Game author/Courtney Love captive Neil Strauss when it came out, but even now, in the harsh light of two days later, it still has a certain ... poignancy.

UD: NYC or LA women? NS: Well, if a zero is looking their worst and a ten is looking their best...when women in LA go out on the scene, they cannot look any prettier genetically (or even surgically) than they do at that moment—they're maxed out.

UD: And NYC women?
NS: In New York, they'll be about a six, and I love that there's the potential for meeting someone who can be more attractive than what you're seeing. It leaves a little bit to the imagination.

UD: Does The Game change if you're trying to work a threesome?
NS: Actually, I did stumble across how to make that happen in a comfortable way for everyone. The number one rule: Make it about her pleasure, not yours. When I happened to do it, the very next day I decided to try it again to make sure it worked, and it worked every time after that.

UD: What are you working on now?
NS: I'm working on a version of The Game for women.

UD: I was going to ask you about female pickup artists and how The Game works from the female perspective.
NS: The female version of The Game is about how not to get hurt. And how to trust and not expose yourself to danger.

Yes yes, there there... You little delicate flower, you.

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