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Hello catdogs! Sorry for showing up so early on a Saturday, but the weekend is short, and there's four pounds of The New York Times to get through. For those of you who usually read Gawker as a distraction from work, good news: now you can read it as a distraction from brunch.

Brunch is never that good!

The weekend papers always are, though, and it's not for nothing that the thud of the Sunday Times sounds different than all other thuds. If you don't read it now it'll taunt you the rest of the week, when you're be the one doofus at the office water-cooler who doesn't have an opinion about the Week in Review infographic or the Sunday Styles "Modern Love" essay. You may not have to go to work today, but one look at the paper, and you know there is a lot of work to do.

Still, the weekend is a time of rest—a window of leisure during which to mow the lawn, potty-train the children, see a silly movie. We skip stocks and peruse Pursuits; we listen eagerly as the Times Magazine tells us about The Way We Live Now. Even the Iraqi on the cover of today's NYT is relaxing, legs akimbo and a cigarette in his hand. A few inches down the front page, there is some info about girl thighs. More on this TK, for now, on with the experiment... welcome to Gawker Weekend and please send tips.

—Jon and Leon