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Ray Liotta got his three-day weekend off to a high-impact start Saturday night by slamming his vehicle into two parked cars in the Palisades. But in a fun, fresh twist to the conventional story, TMZ is reporting that the "I" for influence had nothing to do with alcohol:

Actor Ray Liotta was arrested Saturday night after crashing his vehicle into several parked cars. LAPD officers cuffed the actor and took him in for driving under the influence. Preliminary reports show the substance which Liotta was allegedly under was not alcohol.

According to police, Liotta was driving a Cadillac Escalade at the time and hit two parked cars — one of which was struck so hard that it ended up on the curb.

Let the blind illicit substance guessing game begin! For those following such events scrupulously for their Fantasy Celebrity DUI League, all-star Nicole Richie's combination of marijuana and Vicodin proved potent enough to send driving against the flow of traffic on the 134. Could a similarly toxic cocktail have been to blame for Liotta's smash-up derby, or was he perhaps overstimulated by some other substance that led him to the gross miscalculation that he could have squeezed into a three-foot parking space if he just parallel-parked fast enough?