Just say no to camelcase We're waging a one-blog war against camelcase — or medial capitals for you pointy-headed punctuationists — that being the practice of embedding a capital letter in the middle of a word. For example: CamelCase. Typically this happens Valleywise in company names, startup or otherwise. But you'll notice we don't use 'em. No, it's Youtube, Myspace, etc., and say what you will about Powerset , at least they kept just the one capital. OK, sure, sometimes we accidentally forget the fatwa , and we've resigned ourself to "iTunes." Fortunately, the current vogue of pleasingly euphonious or alarmingly clunky startup names (see the great but too-infrequently-updated Qwerky ) means that names suffer less from camelcase than they used to. But please, at least do us the small courtesy of not crapping on or crediting "ValleyWag."