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Now that Evan Williams and co. have decided to focus on mobile social net Twitter, they're putting MP3-o-rama Odeo on the block. Williams ruminates on the oddness of a low-key blog sale of a subsantial net property, since the offered lot of " and, including all code, the domain, brand, database of three million MP3s, etc." is just a chunk of tech and data (no company or business is included). Williams feels strongly enough about Odeo that he bought it back from investors. Despite "some conversations with potential buyers," he must be looking for something more. But what?

Net music is getting too big and complicated for anyone but the giants. Podcasting oversaturates its distribution channels and audience on a daily basis. On the other hand, Odeo's simple bundle of code and database might make it more attractive to a larger company that just wants to bulk up with some audio content. The real question is: How much would you pay for this? Assume you had the means and interest to cough up something both practical and reasonable, then make your offer. We'll compare results versus each other and the actual sale price, if any.