Is it Oversharing Day or what? In a wide-ranging interview with surly British novelist Martin Amis, Radar's Chris Lehmann (DISCLOSURE: We are friendly with Lehmann, so it kills us to type that) ranges all the way to Amis' college affair with formerly buzz-worthy Maer Roshan mentor Tina Brown. Apparently she cured him of unfuckableness.

She was and is adorable. She sort of rescued me. I don't know if you've ever had one of those periods in your younger years when suddenly, not only are you not seeming to get a girlfriend, but it's as if the women all know that you can't get a girlfriend. The news has got around that you're not going to get a girlfriend. I was going to write about this in an autobiographical novel I'm doing. I was beginning to understand what it must be like to be Philip Larkin—the women all know. I didn't actually fear it then; well, no, I did. I was just feeling sort of grubby and exasperated, it just gets worse and worse. The women all—it's as if they've all been ringing each other up and saying, "Don't go near that guy." But Tina sort of saved me, because she was very pretty and ebullient and publicly affectionate. She got the scent off me and gave me confidence. That spell, she banished that.

Tina Brown: Is there anything she can't do? Apart from editing the New Yorker, or remaining relevant? Also, eww.

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