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Just in case your assistant has forgotten to pencil it into your calendar, tonight is the $2,300 per person fundraiser/pre-coronation ceremony for Barack Obama that begins at the Beverly Hilton and ends at David Geffen's Malibu compound (the parade from the hotel to the beach, during which kingmaking DreamWorks billionaires Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and Steven Spielberg will take turns carrying the senator on their shoulders, is expected to be spectacular), where Hollywood's hottest presidential hopeful will officially receive his much-anticipated reacharound from industry players who were able to scare up 20 well-monied Friends of Barry for the event. In an effort to keep out undesirables, only those who've ponied up their tribute will be allowed to join in the festivities. Reports the NY Times:

The ticket price of $2,300 reflects the maximum individual donation to a federal campaign, and, unlike those behind so many other Hollywood galas, organizers of this one vowed to bar the door to freeloaders, no matter how famous.

"We've turned down people who asked to bring a guest," said Andy Spahn, a political adviser to Mr. Spielberg and Mr. Katzenberg, among other industry people. "There will be no comps. Celebs are writing checks. Everybody's writing." [...]

What is known is that there will be no red carpet or V.I.P. room, no sit-down dinner and scant opportunity for one-on-one conversation with Mr. Obama, except for those who make it to Mr. Geffen's home. "It's going to be very democratic, with a small D," Mr. Spahn said.

The conspicuous absence of a red carpet and the strict door policy have obviously been put in place to keep out the kind of scenewhores who might steal Obama face time away from the evening's more legitimate political-starfuckers; the last thing the campaign wants is for a studio head like Universal's Ron Meyer to stand impatiently by as their candidate is engrossed in a conversation about Britney Spears' bald head with Paris Hilton.

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