It's not just restaurateur Keith McNally who's upset with the Hotel Gansevoort and the giant billboard it erected. Neighborhood residents are getting into the act as well. After the jump, a few of the distinctly unkind comments left on the travel site Trip Advisor.

Be sure to ask for a room facing New Jersey. Otherwise your view of the Village will be blocked by the giant 8-story billboard they have erected.

If you are planning a stay at the Gansevoort, be forewarned: the hotel has erected an 8-story (yes, eight stories, the height of the entire hotel) double billboard perpendicular to the building which is what every guest facing east (that's half the guests) will see out of their windows, instead of the beautiful city. (Those facing west get to see New Jersey. Enjoy.) It is giant, it is ugly, and you will think you are in TImes Square. Oh, and you also get to see it (and have the view blocked) from both the rooftop bar and the outdoor bar on the street level. IT'S THAT BIG. See photo.

Their "hip" is "hype" They tout the cool meatpacking area while they put up two HUGE illuminated bill boards and turn the nabe into Times Square..You'll see these LOVELY BILL BOARDS outside your hotel room windows. New York has plenty of other hotel choices. The neighborhood is enraged about the ARROGANCE OF THE GANSEVOORT HOTEL.

If you're hip, you won't go there.

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