Long despairing in the shadow of their Morningside Heights brethren, New York University students have, in recent years, made quite a name for themselves—both academically and extracurricularly! Today's announcement of an event sponsored by the College Republicans shows that the Washington Squareans have their uptown peers beat when it comes to original thought and making complicated geopolitical issues concrete.

"Find the Illegal Immigrant"

There will be one individual with a nametag that reads 'illegal immigrant'. This person has volunteered to do so and is not actually an illegal immigrant. On Thursday people will be signing up to be 'INS' and the
first person that signed up and finds the "illegal" will get a prize. At the table there will be information and handouts on the subject matter to inform others on the problems that ILLEGAL immigration causes.

Name: Find the Illegal Immigrant
Host: NYU College Republicans
Type: Causes - Rally
Date: Thursday, February 22, 2007
Time: 11:00am - 2:00pm
Location: South side of Silver

This sounds like a fun afternoon activity! It's school vacation week, so why not bring the kids along as well? We're sure the restaurant workers in the neighborhood—you know, the ones who cook for and clean up after the N.Y.U. kids—will enjoy it as well.