The Date: February 16th, 2007, 2am

The Place: 85 Washington Place

Sighting: Kirsten Dunst with a medium entourage and most importantly, Fab Moretti, at the Stoned Crow. She seemed wasted. Blonde. Dropped a beer on the ground and pissed off the staff repeatedly, then tried to skip out on her tab which she finally paid. Was seen chatting with a skinny dude in a black hoodie, showing him a cut on her hand.

Hey, look at that. Kirsten Dunst drunkenly refusing to pay her tab in a New York bar. Hmm, why does that sound familiar? Oh right, we did that last night! Go team! And also because not ten days ago, one of our tipsters reported Drew Barrymore doing sort of the same thing. What in the heck is going on here? Was scooping up Drew's boyfriend on the rebound not enough? Is Kirsten also pursuing some sort of single-white-female-esque obsession with Drew Barrymore?

Kirsten Dunst has had a rough time finding her niche in the Hollywood-starlet landscape. Sure, she's seen with a glass or a bottle in her hand not infrequently, but she's not now, nor will she ever be a Lohan. And yes, she's had some success with the Spiderman films and she survived the debacle of Marie Antoinette okay, but she's not nearly as A-list as Scarlett Johansson. Mainly, she works it as that pretty-plain girl with the stringy hair and messed up teeth who somehow manages to date every good-looking guy in Hollywood. (Hmm, maybe she's really smart? Does she read books or something?) Her most-notable achievement since Interview with the Vampire was being the girl crazy enough to dump Jake Gyllenhaal.

So, now that Moretti has expressed a desire to get back together with Barrymore, maybe Kirsten has decided to up the ante. Get a little more Spears-y, if you will. But, if that's the case she's gonna have to do a little more than get wasted, drop a beer bottle and piss off some staff at a bar. This is 2007, Kiki, the horrible golden era of celebrity gossip. You're going to have to show us your cooter or go home.

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