Today in the Times, Jennifer Steinhauer analyzed the success and appeal of the newly-arrived yogurt chain whose product you've been telling us tastes "like sour milk." Jennifer prefers to think of it as "the leg warmer of food trends." (Nice!) And the consumers of LA-area Pinkberry share the enthusiasm—one calls the 'Berry's stuff "like crack" in its addictiveness. Maybe there's something different or better about West Coast Pinkberry? Or maybe Los Angeles sucks a big sack of froyo?

Because all the comments we're getting sound sort of like this one:

Went to PinkBerry last night with girlfriend. Ordered a small yogurt with "extra oreos." When the countergirl gave me two measly scoops I asked for my "extra" oreos. She proceeded to reply that two scoops is the limit on such a size of yogurt. After that, she weighed the yogurt on a scale to prove her point. She said that the owner already yelled at her twice for giving extra topping since the store was losing a lot of money on it. 1) Who the hell goes through the trouble of weighing yogurt (eyeballing it isn't accurate enough?). Second, how much money could they be possibly losing on an extra teaspoon of oreos, 5 cents maybe? She gave us the receipt and went into the backroom. I know we aren't accustomed to the great level of customer service at Tasti-D but this is crazy.

We don't know about you, but we're sticking to the devil we know.

Heated Competition. Steaming Neighbors. This is Frozen Yogurt? [NYT]
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