You catch that Observer piece on Princeton's eating clubs and their rush (or as the school has it, "bicker") process? Intrepid reporter Spencer Morgan went undercover last weekend—and we can only imagine how difficult it was for young Spencer to convincingly portray a sozzled WASP—and got the whole shocking story of race, class, sex, and nudity. Turns out, though, that not everyone at Princeton was thrilled with the piece.

Some students yesterday, however, were angered by what they said was unethical and inappropriate conduct on the part of the Observer's reporter.

Former Ivy Club president Wyatt Rockefeller '07 said he thought the article was unfair and inappropriate. "The press has for a long time demonstrated an inclination to scandalize Ivy and the clubs in general — so be it," he said in an interview. "But the fact that specific sophomores were named and used to serve someone's agenda against the club is infuriating. They're just kids. They've done nothing to deserve this."

Just kids! Just kids, fratting around. Naked. Yeah, you nailed it there, Wyatt. This is the culmination of a decade-in-the-making plan by Jared Kushner, Harvard '03, to bring down rival Ivies by, you know, having someone come over and write about them. Watch out, Whiffenpoofs, you could be next!

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[Photo: Melanie Flood]