David Dangle, above right, and his partner, Sam Byrd, should be ashamed of themselves. Darfur, motherfuckers!

[T]he letdown may also reflect a shattering of the myth that a room is more than just a room. "There is a place where I unconsciously believed that remodeling the kitchen would remodel my life," said Ms. Marquiss of Baltimore. But it didn't. "The kitchen was done, but I was still me and Michael was still Michael."

The Times brings word of one of the newest side-effects of affluenza: post-renovation depression. That's right, this very serious syndrome occurs when you realize that the thousands of dollars you've just spent to put the same stupid Viking range that everyone else has in your refurbished kitchen can't mask the emptiness in your soul or comfort your appreciation of the fact that life is suffering and the acquisition of material goods brings more pain than pleasure. Nice job, House & Home, you've just discovered Buddhism!

The New Kitchen Is Done. So Why Can't I Be Happy? [NYT]