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In this Mercury News profile of Battery Ventures' Roger Lee, we get this amusing tidbit:

In a small, windowless conference room in downtown Mountain View later the same day, Lee does his best to introduce a 6-month-old start-up to a Mercury News reporter. But the company's 25-year-old founder, whose mirrored sunglasses sit perched atop his closely cropped hair, only wants to talk about the ground rules for the interview.

"I've given this some thought, and none of this can go on the record," he says. "Not my name, not the name of this company, not the names of potential customers."

Mirrored sunglasses OK though! More after the jump.

"If (the customers) read that we're 13 guys in a cramped office, their perceived risk is much higher," he continues. Plus, he says, lowering his voice, "one of my competitors is keeping very close tabs on me. I don't want him to Google my name and find this story."

Since when did Google searches translate as keeping "close tabs" on someone? Anyway, send us your guesses as to Mr. Paranoia's name and company, and we'll run select choices later.