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By now, everyone's aware of the shocking attacks DreamWorks mogul and Democratic primary fixer David Geffen made yesterday on Hillary Clinton, her intern-despoiling husband, the White House's substandard lodgings for billionaire rainmakers, and all that is good and holy about civilized political campaigning in an attempt to demonstrate that all of Hollywood has fallen prone at the feet of Barack Obama, ready to do the Chosen One's bidding. Now that most of the factually inaccurate, post-attack bickering has been dispensed with, Team Hillary is regrouping today, ready to launch a Hollywood counteroffensive that includes trips to fundraisers hosted by her own stable of local billionaires, and, ominously, a trip to the CAA Death Star. Says Var:

It's doubtful that the entire affair will last much beyond a day —- or that it will play much of a factor in either side raising money in Hollywood. Clinton is scheduled to visit Los Angeles today for a series of receptions with high-dollar donors including events hosted by Haim Saban, Sim Farar, Ron Burkle and John Emerson and another gathering at CAA.

That Clinton would seek the help of the evil agenting monolith in securing Hollywood's souls should indicate how desperate the candidate is not to lose the industry to Obamamania; she's obviously willing to look the other way as the agency's political consultants greedily gnaw on plump infant legs while spitballing ideas about how to change the current course of the campaign, deciding whether it's a better strategy to have the troublemaking Geffen's limousine blown up on the way to the Oscars or just turn their roof-mounted cannon towards Malibu and incinerate his entire compound as he sleeps.