We won't belong to any club that will have us as a member. (Hi, Soho House!) And we definitely won't shop in any store for which one would need to make an appointment first, or one that requires us to submit to inspection by a "stylist" who makes sure we are "right for the store." So there's very little chance that we will ever darken the door of Caravan, whose newly-opened third location (one of the others is a converted Winnebago—class !) has that stringent policy, which helps it keep out the undesirables. Unexpectedly, thought, that category doesn't include 'Survivor' survivor Jeff Probst. "He liked that he could try on a million things and have the store to himself," Caravan co-founder Claudine Gumbel told the Post. Don't all start clamoring for appointments at once, now!

Snoots Only [NYP]