We hear that crotchety (or righteously pissed off?) Times Metropolitan Diary editor Michael Pollak is still so mad at Wesleyan student and WFMU intern Andrea Silenzi, he's written a letter to a dean of Wesleyan about her fake submission to his columns. Jeez, strict! Now Andrea claims that she and WFMU hosts Ken and Andy have managed to pull the wool over Pollak's eyes yet again. They say that their second fake submission made it into this week's Met Diary. We are trying to figure it out, and we have no idea which one it could be! They all sound fake! Even the names all sound fake! Seriously, Diane Fromhartz? Brenda K. Cooney? Janet Wagman LeMonnier? No wonder Pollak despairs of the column. We feel a little despairy thinking about having his job.

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