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PrivacyWatch celebrity sightings are submitted by our readers, and are posted several times a week, so send them in. It's Oscars weekend—come on, there might be a semi-conscious star under your bed right now! Submit yours to tips[AT] (please put "sighting" or "PrivacyWatch" in the subject line) and let everyone know about the time you saw Bai Ling stumbling out of a swagwhore house looking like she just OD'd on freebies.

In today's episode: Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban; Jake Gyllenhaal and Courtney Love; Jodie Foster and Sam Nazarian; Orlando Bloom; Eric Dane; Chad Lowe; Adrian Grenier; Dylan Walsh; Marlee Matlin; Doris Roberts; Curtis Hanson; Ernest Borgnine; Chad Allen; Larry King and Danny Strong; Henry Winkler; Rodrigo Santoro; Christopher Titus; Paul Reubens; Janel Moloney; Lacey Chabert; Bob Saget; Sara Gilbert and Peri Gilpin; Bai Ling and Scott Clifton.

· 2/20 - nicole kidman and keith urban at silverchair's second night at the el rey. they gave up their awaiting booth to sit with the common folk at a table on the balcony. seemed very much in love. when they walked up to the theater, the security guard asked them if they wanted drinking wristbands and keith informed him that he does not drink. i thought that was funny.

· The paparazzi lining the windows outside the Gagosian, BH for the opening of Damien Hirst's Superstition should've been a tipoff on the insanity inside, but at least a few of us were there to see the art. Courtney Love (brown crepe dress, well made up for her appearance) did an obligatory pose for the 'razzi in front of one of the main floor pieces, and then shortly afterwards I saw Jake Gyllenhaal duck in to see the works in the side room. He had week old stubble scruff and wild hair going but a great black shirt/suit ensemble, and he seemed to run into several other friends there. There were probably buckets of other celebs I didn't recognize.

· Today, Equinox West Hollywood at about noon. The darkness and the light cross paths: Sam Nazarian (SBE CEO) dressed like a 24 year-old mall rapper crossed in front of a casual and low key Jodie Foster working the Eliptical trainer. No eye contact between the two was made as their worlds could not be more different.

Feb. 18, 200 I had to go return some clothes at Barney's (New York) on Wilshire and as the lame cashier is trying to remember his password to process the return I glance to my left and I see Orlando Bloom shopping for some jeans.

· He looked normal and unassuming, blue heathered shirt, jeans and the requisite macho boots. I later saw him again in the shoe section, he was with his friend and the sales associate was trying to sell him more boots.

Today 2/20 was at lunch meeting on the patio at Café Med and who should drive right by us by McSteamy himself (Eric Dane) in a greenish SUV by himself. My friend was laughing because it was the 4th time he has seen McSteamy in like a week.

· this week i spotted chad lowe with his new girlfriend at a concert in los angeles. his new girfriend isn't very attractive at all! she wears the geeky/hip glasses, can't dress very well (droopy black granny sweater), and looks only mildly feminine... but for her disproportionately large breasts on her petite frame... probably fake!

he seemed pretty attentive to her since she was obviously a fan of the band and chad was just there as her arm candy for the evening. he went pretty much unnoticed by everyone in the crowd... especially since the audience is a little younger than him and probably didn't know who the heck he was.

· Spotted extremely hairy (and bearded) Adrian Grenier walking on Sunset in Silver Lake on Monday (2/19) with another hairy and bearded male friend; looked like they might have been leaving Millie's. Enormous head, tiny body, pretty eyes.

· On Thursday, 2/15, at "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" at the Ahmanson, sat two seats away from one of the doctors from "Nip Tuck". I don't have cable, but my friend alerted me to him. It was Dylan Walsh, looking nice in a gray suit, with female companion (wife).

· Lisa Marie Presley and her husband - Michael Lockwood slumming it at a Woodland Hills neighborhood Mexican joint, Casa De Carlos, last Wednesday night. Lisa was dressed down in sweats with little makeup, and needed to lose a few pounds, per my wife.

In fairness, they were eating light, including Perrier's.

· I had to stop today at Lowe's for a doorknob (don't ask) when I had to satisfy my caffeine fix and stop in at Starbucks. As I walked in I nearly lost it seeing Marlee Matlin with her two TV interpreters. Let me explain. I'm a big L Word fan and there she was with the guy who plays her interpreter on the L Word and they guy she appears on TV with when she's herself (I also think he was on Larry Sanders with her). They looked like they were having the best time! I wanted to go over and show off my limited sign but I didn't want them to think I was a L Word groupie (I am!). Marlee is beautiful and petite in person, looking very young and her L Word interpreter looks like Jude Law. The other guy looks like Gilbert Gottfried. It was a weird mind f**k. Reality and art right there in front of me.

· Doris Roberts at Campanile over the weekend. I've spotted her a few times now — either she's fairly hip and gets around for her age, or I'm getting old.

· director curtis hanson at campanile monday night around 8 pm.. his beard looks itchy

· Saw Ernest Borgnine at Amoeba selling some used CD's. He was pleasant and polite. Didn't look a day over 80.

· I saw TV's Chad Allen in line to buy a sandwich at the WeHo Whole Foods on Sunday.

This is a couple weeks old, but I also saw Larry King waiting for his car at the Grove and Danny Strong—Doyle (Gilmore Girls)/Jonathan (Buffy).

· A rare east-of-Alvarado celebrity sighting: I was having a mind-blowing pastrami experience at Langer's Deli on Monday afternoon when I realized that I had been sitting in the booth next to Henry Winkler and his family during my entire meal. As I walked up to pay my bill next to the Fonz, I wanted to say something Arrested Development-related, but stopped myself. After all, a man does not drive all the way to 7th and Alvarado, park his car in a secured parking lot two blocks away and hoof it to an old-school deli in a paparazzi-proof neighborhood in order to get hounded by well-wishing, cancelled-sitcom-worshipping fans. But I definitely have to give the Fonz credit for initiating a family outing to the grimiest of Eastside neighborhoods in search of the best pastrami sandwich imaginable (order the #19)(and no, I'm not a PR shill for Langer's; I don't even think anyone who works there has even heard of the internet).

· was having an early dinner (around 5:30-6pm)with some friends at the counter in santa monica on 2/19 and noticed that the fella sitting behind my friend looked an awful lot like the gorgeous brazilian guy that laura linney almost got it on with in love actually. (Rodrigo Santoro) u just don't say no to opportunities like that. unfortunately, he was wearing more than black undies at this time. same wavy dark locks and amazing tan. didn't think anything of it however until as we were leaving my friend who'd been sitting by him said "ok the guy behind us was definitely famous" b/c apparently our waitress had interrupted his dinner w/friends to tell him that she loved his show Lost. he must have already finished filming his episodes and is probably in town for press for 300.

it would make sense for the starbucks right by lax (off of sepulveda blvd) to be a quick stop for big names going to/leaving the nearby lax. but being a coffee-addicted college student, i never really notice these things. my friends and i had decided to make a caffeine run sometime in jan around 10pm. i was waiting for my caramel frapp when i noticed a familiar face hiding way in the back of the place. it was none other than christopher titus of fox's titus. still had that horribly shaped blonde spiky hair, and definitely looked a little aged. you'd think his hair would have taken on a more mature look by now, but no such luck. could not remember his name for the life of me at the time, only as "that comedian who had a show on fox forever ago whose dad was played by the warden on prison break". specific i know. he looked pretty excited that anyone had taken notice to him period. seemed to be holding a script and later realized the chauffeur parked next to us was probably waiting for him.

· I just read the tip from the person who was at the Burbank Hollywood Collectors' convention on Friday, February 16. He/she said Paul Reubens, aka Pee-wee Herman, had no takers for his autograph. I was at the convention the next day, and Pee-wee had a line out the door. No, I'm not his agent—I just love him.

· Janel Moloney of "West Wing" fame coming out of the Anthropologie in the Grove on 2/18. Later that night, her Amber Frey TV movie was on - as if Scott Peterson had planned it all.

· I too spotted Lacey Chabert at La Poubelle on Saturday the 17th. She looked terrific, albeit all of 12 years-old.

Monday night (2/19) at the Brentwood, I spotted Mr. Danny Tanner himself (Bob Saget) having a drink with another dude. Couldn't figure out if it was business or pleasure. they did shut down the place (which closed at midnight, so its really not that impressive).

· The Malibu Country Mart playground better watch out! There's apparently another celebrity baby hotspot in town. Today (2-22) at the West Hollywood Park in the kiddie playground area, I spotted a seemingly pregnant Sara Gilbert with her partner, Allison Adler and their son. Also present was ex-Frasier actress Peri Gilpin playing with what appeared to be her young daughter. Funny part was when I googled her later on, I discover that she actually has twins - so either she only took one of them to the park or else she was switching off between the twins when I wasn't looking. Yeah, I'm sure that was it.

· 2/22 OK It seems that a house in my neighborhood in Beverly Hills has been rented as a swag depot. this is the second time now- once around the Golden globes ( I saw Janice Dickinson around the golden globes but didn't think she qualified as a celebrity sighting) - and now today that I have seen masses of frighteningly skinny, mostly blonde, and botoxed young women carrying bags of loot that weigh more than they do. It's creating a horrendous traffic jam and today one of them literally ran out in front of my car as I was driving up the hill. I was within a few feet of smashing into her. If she had dented my Maserati I'd have backed over her as well. When I recovered I looked to the left and there was Bai Ling standing half in the road and posing with her legs spread apart and her arms above her head wearing a hideous pair of jeans or black pants that looked like someone took a paint roller and rolled white paint up and down her thighs. Then i looked to the right and saw a girl walking up the hill with her entire ass hanging out of the bottom of her skirt- sans underwear. I didn't recognize her though. I will be so glad when the Oscar's are over- I f*cking hate Beverly Hills this time of year.

· on 2-19-07 I saw General Hospitals Scott Clifton out and about at the Archlight theater. He was with pretty petite brunette. From what I saw they went in then out once or twice from the lobby and shared a few kisses