We understand that we give the Village Voice a lot of shit for being totally fucking lame, but the other "alternative" weekly in this town pretty much sucks also. But then again, it's always sucked. Anyway, the New York Press is looking (on Craigslist) for a cover model, someone "clean cut, yet on the fringe of cool," who "might embrace veganism, but shops at expensive food shops," who has a Sidekick or Blackberry...oh, God, really?

Looking for a guy who is avaliable for a photo shoot this Saturday February 24th, during the day for the cover of the NY Press.

We want your look to be a cross between a yuppie and a hipster; clean cut, yet on the fringe of cool.:

Doesn't do thrift shop, but spends $200-300 on designer shredded jeans.
Might embrace veganism, but shops at expensive food shops.
Buys into the "hip" new neighborhoods, like Sobro (South Bronx), East
Williamsburg, etc.

do you have any of the following?
-tousled hair
-ripped, designer-looking jeans
-expensive-looking nerd frames
-Converse/funky sneakers
-sidekick or blackberry

You don't actually have to BE this person, it is enough to LOOK the part. (you also don't have to have all the things in the above list.)

There is no monetary payment, just the 15 minutes of fame you've been waiting for and the envy of your hipster/yuppie friends.

The shoot has to be this Saturday Feb 24th during the day (early-ish but not too early).
PLEASE only respond if you are free then.

For some samples of my work

ny press's other covers

If Interested and avaliable please send a full length and close up picture to
amypiercephotocasting@gmail.com ASAP.

Since the shoot is on Saturday, we will be casting tomorrow, so the quicker you send it the better your chance of being in it.


Yeah, quick! All together now!

Hipster/Yuppie GUY Needed For NYPress Cover [Craigslist]