Each week, a handful of reader comments are selected for inclusion and veneration in the Gold Star Motel. Standards of excellence are arbitrary, fluid, and contradictory. The reward is strictly honorary (at best). This week:

Re: Yuppy Brooklyn To Welcome Plucky New Neighbors
"How long until someone also wants to keep real-live Puerto Ricans in their yard as well? You know, to complete that whole "vintage" Brooklyn feel."

Re:Media Bubble: Meth Mag Sales Slaves Of America
"I get such a chick-boner when [Brian Williams] talks like that.
That man can do no wrong."
Re: "Pinkberry People" To Look Into Flavor Swirling!
"Pinkberry is the most pretentious Hello Kitty-influenced Asian-owned business since Gothamist."
Re: Britney Spears Must Be Stopped
"I don't want to see a naked Britney singing about India."

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