Top 10 ridiculous domains NICK DOUGLAS — The domain paradox: Domains used for actual online companies are terrible (,, while domains registered for no good reason are wonderful (,, Here are ten fantastic domains that have been claimed — and five that haven't.Claimed Top 10 ridiculous domains 10. What's there: Yahoo developer Cal Henderson in a fairy costume. Why: Cal's friends make a hobby of buying domains and putting this photo on them. "Fancy trousers" is the result of a linguistic discussion between some Brits and Yanks. Top 10 ridiculous domains 9. What's there: "You have reached the very last page of the Internet." Why: To make it really annoying to give out over the phone . Top 10 ridiculous domains 8. What's there: "This page is parked free, courtesy of" Why: Ever put stuff on your passed-out friends and took a picture? This would be the place to show it. Also inspired by . Top 10 ridiculous domains 7. What's there: A social network for social networks and a smart-ass blog. Why: Flickr + + irony = Top 10 ridiculous domains 6. What's there: A young tech worker got fired after laughing at Valleywag in the office. This is his story. Why: He had time on his hands, didn't he? Top 10 ridiculous domains 5. What's there: A liberal-slanted headline site to counter the supposedly conservative-leaning Matt Drudge. Why: No real reason now, thanks to the Huffington Post . Top 10 ridiculous domains 4. What's there: Actually, this one has a reason: it's a collaborative blog. But man is that a good name! Why: When Matt Groening wanted a theme song for "The Simpsons," he wanted a retort to the wimpy apologetic themes of contemporary sitcoms. He made an inspirational mix tape; songs included the Flinstones theme. Danny Elfman gave him a brash orchestral piece. This site's title feels like that. Top 10 ridiculous domains 3. What's there: Dr. Evil and pi. Why: To win the "cleverest use of a subdomain" award. Top 10 ridiculous domains 2. What's there: A lecture on the proper spelling of "definitely." Why: Clearly you've never been in an Internet forum. Top 10 ridiculous domains 1. What's there: Just a logo. Why: Cleverer than . Unclaimed 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.