Writing in England's Observer, Cristina Odone notes Martin Amis' recent admission that Tina Brown's laying on of hands cured his terminal unfuckableness. It turns out, though, that Tina's touch not only takes away the taint, but its powers are transitive:

Amis is too modest, however, to mention how he saved another literary star. Emma Soames, editor of Saga magazine, whose career took off when she was appointed editor of the Literary Review, attributes her success to being mistaken for a book-loving bluestocking. 'In fact,' she cheekily confesses, 'my only literary qualification was to have had an affair with Martin Amis.'

Is it true? Could Princess Di biographer-to-be Tina Brown have some sort of pubic panacea that can be sexually transmitted? Have you been with either Brown or Amis, or come into contact with someone who has had it off with one of them, and subsequently found yourself getting more action or publicity? Let us know; the future of the human race may depend on it.

These tots in PVC don't scare me [Observer (U.K.)]

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