If teen fabutard Cory Kennedy, she who dated hipster-documenter The Cobranake, "is an internet phenomenon, the internet doesn't really seem to be aware of that," read one of the posts defending the L.A. gal's deletion from Wikipedia back in November. Unfortunately, the internet's awareness of Kennedy is on the rise again, thanks to a 'she symbolizes the new Internet fame, what does it all mean?' piece that ran in the LA Times's West magazine yesterday.

The Wiki dorks have responded by reinstating Kennedy's entry. Everyone who's read the article—"We are in Cory Kennedy's bedroom. Present are Cory, Hunter, this reporter and Nate Van Dusen, a filmmaker who is featuring Cory in a new documentary. It's one of those media-age moments: a documentarian filming a photographer shooting a journalist interviewing a teenager"—has responded by projectile vomiting. We assume.

One source of hope? Kennedy's parents have finally shown the barest glimmer of responsibility, placing her in a "nonpublic therapeutic placement for kids with various types of learning, behavioral and emotional problems." But that may be small consolation to Slate columnist Timothy Noah, who on Friday bemoaned his own unfortunate deletion from Wikipedia— he had failed to meet the site's notability requirements. Though Noah was reinstated after his article was posted, he might consider taking steps to prevent future deletions. Having sex with a much older man? Or like buying a skull-patterned scarf at the very least.

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