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Many thanks to the bajillions of readers who sent in nominations for the Vlog Hot poll. Prepare for a veritable blizzard of democracy as the poll launches today with over 80 video bloggers competing in 14 gendered heats (plus semis and finals!) for the big giant prize of ... what exactly? Oh yes, a photo shoot or acrylic statuette. And if you deny both prizes, we will make the statuette of you without your consent and give it to your worst enemy for use in eldritch voodoo rites. After the jump, enjoy the first clash of titans with Newsbabes Heat 1. Warning: Contains Congdon. Multiple voting now enabled!

If you can't see the voting mechanism below, we can't help you. We don't know how it works either. You might try turning off firewalls and turning on cookies. Note that you can now vote more than once! And why not? You should be able to vote once per day in any of these polls, showing true devotion to your favorite vlogger by suborning the more casual, ephemeral love showered on her or his opponents. Again, if you have technical problems with that, don't call us. For amusement only, far as you're concerned.