So long as we are in town, we have a standing Sunday lunch date at Old Town Bar. We don't live too far from the place, but that's not what makes it our regular Sunday afternoon stop. It symbolizes pretty much everything that once was New York. The burger is far better than it needs to be and the pours are generous and the bar-wenches are surly with hearts of gold; were we restricted to one tavern for the rest of our lives, this would be it. So we were rather upset by this interview with Sarah Vowell, in which she professes great love for the Old Town, and whose affectless, NPR-ready voice gives us tiny myocardial infarctions each time we hear it. Sarah, please find another tavern. We're plenty happy with the crowd now; we'd hate to have to listen to some deeply overgeneralized statement on our country's culture while eating our burger. Thanks.

Sarah Vowell Dreams of Bill Nighy and Grange Hall
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