LA-import froyo chain Pinkberry is gearing up for the opening of its third fourth—goodness!—Manhattan location on Spring Street. Exciting! However, while the yogurt stays frosty, the controversies surrounding the company are heating up. Today in the Sun, Pinkberry president Young Lee denies that LA-based 'copycat' Kiwiberry owner John Bae's claims that Young threatened him with "great bodily harm." "I can't handle this at all," Mr. Lee said. In other bad news, Tasti D-Lite has at long last issued an official statement claiming that they do not consider the unsweetened yogurt purveyors "any competition at all." Will Pinkberry still manage to carve out a big enough niche among this town's rexy ladies? Rest assured that we'll stay on the case.

Pinkberry Concept Of Yogurt Set To Infuse Manhattan [NYSun]
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