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Mediabistro is looking for a last-minute sub for Greg Lichtenberg's class tonight, if you're not doing anything. Greg's an Iowa grad who's had his writing published in the Times magazine, Fence, and Dragonfire, so you'll have some big shoes to fill.

Hi Everyone:
Due to a last minute cancellation, we are in need of a volunteer for this evening's seminar. The same rules apply as always. First come, first serve, and credits will be earned towards future courses. If you are able to make it tonight, please email me ASAP! Her [sic] are the details: How to Conquer Procrastination and Finish Projects w/Greg Lichtenberg

Send that email right away, now! No dawdling! [UPDATE and CORRECTION! Good news, Greg didn't cancel! We just got the following note: "The volunteer (i.e. the person who checks people in at the door) cancelled, dipshit. Not the teacher. —Kyle Crafton, Publisher/CFO,, (212) 929-2588 x 317." Thanks for letting us know, Kyle!]

Greg Lichtenberg [Mediabistro]