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Between Ellen DeGeneres' monologue attack and Jack Black's follow-up, operatic threats about bludgeoning sentimental Best Actor upset candidate Peter O'Toole to death with his Nickelodeon award, the antediluvian performer had already suffered enough indignities in the course of his winless Oscar night, but now a gossipy cater waiter adds to the slights by passing along a story about O'Toole's unexpected visit to the event's food prep area to The Envelope's Kudos Crasher:

Stars—they're just like us I hear an amazing story from the wait staff that Peter O' Toole just wandered from the lobby into the kitchen. When one of the waiters asked, "Can I help you?" He replied, "Oh, I'm just looking around" and proceeded to inspect the contents of the pantry.

It's unfortunate that the loose-lipped staff would choose to break Oscar's sacred Code of Silence to tell the media about O'Toole's possible senior moment; the actor should command at least as much respect as is given to Harrison Ford on the night of the awards ceremony, whose frequent, unannounced trips to the venue's liquor storage areas are kept quiet by the employees who stumble upon him in the middle of his notorious "alcohol quality inspections."