Media Bubble: Yet More Reality For MTV

  • MTV names reality TV queen to head programming. Expect lots more pimping and punking! [MediaPost]
  • Sure, Les Moonves can lean on the little guys, but will he able to pull off the same kind of deal with the Comcasts and Time Warners of the world? The Post says no. [NYP]
  • Maria Bartiromo interviews Citigroup Chairman Emeritus Sandy Weill. Presumably there were no questions concerning snakes on a plane. ('Cause, remember, that Citigroup guy allegedly did it to her on the company's private jet? It was like a month ago or something. Can't you remember anything?) [TVNewser]
  • Let's all take a moment to think of those poor paparazzi, who are being put out of business by everyday schmucks with cameraphones. [Guardian]
  • Joost, the new video venture from the guys who brought you Kazaa, is totally above-board. Seriously, nobody wants to get sued again. [NYT]
  • NBA joins NHL in allowing YouTube to post highlight clips. [NYP]
  • More Tyler Br l means more fun diacriticals to cut and paste! Oh, yeah, Monocle's out. [WWD]
  • Amanda Congdon's new vlog has been delayed by raccoons. More like rack-coons. Haha, get it? Because she's got big tits. [Amanda Congdon]
  • Stuart Elliott looks at the Oscar commercials. RELATED: Were we the only ones to notice that Cadillac spot that used the Pogues' song "The Sunnyside of the Street" and chose to leave in the lyrics "So I saw that train and I got on it/with a heart full of hate and a lust for vomit"? Uh, WTF? [NYT]