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Hollywood event-catering watchdog group is all over the Wolfgang Puck Hepatitis A scare story like yellow on the jaundice-afflicted eyeball of a party guest who unknowingly gobbled down a tainted tuna roll, pledging that they will reveal the list of all 13 Puck-catered events reportedly worked by his infected employee (luckily, not the Governor's Ball at the Oscars) in a selfless quest to inform all potential victims of their possible exposure to the disease.

Being stonewalled by the L.A. County Health Department hasn't stopped TMZ's team of Hep-investigators from discovering that directors George Lucas and John Landis might be at risk because of their attendance at the Visual Effects Society's awards banquet, two luminaries who will probably be seeking out precautionary globulin shots today now that they're aware of their liver-perforating peril. Unfortunately, TMZ's crusade may have come too late to help Puck himself, as an exclusive photo obtained by the site seems to reveal that the master chef has already been driven mad by prolonged exposure, as he's apparently equipped his kitchen with a clock prominently displaying infected cells and has taken to screaming incomprehensibly at shellfish.