Media Bubble: Hiring, Firing, Cursing, Apologizing

  • NBC News had always planned to can "Nightly News" exec producer John Reiss. The fact that ABC is starting to manhandle them, ratings-wise, is just a happy coincidence. [NYT]
  • CBS nabs Google's ad sales guy. [NYP]
  • Troubles at Vibe? Wake us when there aren't troubles at Vibe. [Radar]
  • Chuck Klosterman really doesn't know. [NYO]
  • The folks at AsianWeek are really, really sorry about that whole "I Hate Blacks" thing. [AP]
  • The folks at Jane are really, really sorry about that whole "There Are Your Tits" thing. [WWD]
  • Sumner Redstone is one sweary motherfucker. [NYP]
  • Whatever they're doing at Martha Stewart, it's working. [MediaPost]
  • The U.K. Sun is looking for a few good fatties. [Guardian]