All the usual disclaimers apply on this one, but we sort of hope it's real: A tipster informs us that Tom Cruise is in contract for an apartment at the Dakota— and the deal is on the near side of 20 million dollars. (And is it Leonard Bernstein's?) Tom Cruise, living in the Dakota? OMG, just like his character in Vanilla Sky! (We, like most of the American movie-going public, have never seen Vanilla Sky, but Wikipedia assures us this is was the case.) Can you imagine all the hijinks that will surely ensue when Tom goes to borrow a cup of sugar from Yoko Ono and she makes him listen to her new album? And, finally, Katie Holmes gets to be imprisoned in a place with class and history! So many possibilities: The only thing that would make this rumor better is if we could say it's officially true! Also, insert your own Rosemary's Baby joke here.