'NYT' Bad Trend Piece Queen Defends 'WaPo' Bad Trend Piece Queen

So Laura Sessions Stepp's book Unhooked—the one that made Meghan O'Rourke fondly recall her promiscuous college daze, remember?—is getting critically date-raped. But today, the Times' Stephanie Rosenbloom sprang to her defense, giving Stepp the opportunity to respond to her critics with passive aggressive lines like "This is what I love about the bloggers. They haven't been out there interviewing young people for 10 years." Of course, Rosebloom and Stepp are natural allies: while Rosenbloom was busy letting us know there's a thing called an Evite, Stepp was introducing the world to the concept of the "wingman." We're sure that when the interview was over, there was a cathartic crying and ice cream sesh.

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