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· With a successful Dreamgirls and World Trade Center DVD release in the year's fourth quarter, Viacom has Paramount and DreamWorks to thank for coming out $86 million in the black. To celebrate, Sumner Redstone ordered Brad Grey to follow the trail of rose petals leading down the hall and into his candle-lit office, where, inside, the scantily clad Viacom overlord lay splayed over his desk for the taking. [Variety]
· The Weinstein Co. renewed its first-look deal with Sydney Pollack and Anthony Minghella's Mirage for three years. That includes the remake rights to foreign language Oscar-winner The Lives of Others, which they plan an making more accessible to domestic audiences by transferring the story from Cold War East Germany to the gripping milieu of an African American university, where students are preparing for a fierce national step show competition. [Variety]
· This season of American Idol continues to pop the competition into its mouth like a fearsome giant terrorizing the countryside, only to later poop out the Friday Night Lights-flecked remains all over the village windmill. [Variety]
· A new study by the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp. shows that show business is the single largest contributor to the local economy, followed by hooking, and frozen yogurt franchises. [THR]
· It's pilot season! Draft those test options faster, you business and legal peons! Already cast: Donald Sutherland and Jill Clayburgh in ABC drama Dirty Sexy Money, Shawnee Smith in ABC's comedy Traveling in Packs, and Horatio Sanz in something that will likely not get a pick-up.