Remainders: Britney's Rehab Shopping Spree

  • Britney Spears understands that leaving rehab to go shopping is a really, really good idea. Especially if you stop by a friend's house to pick up a "bag." [US]
  • All the ex-lawyers at HuffPo think the Libby jury is stoopid. [HuffPo]
  • Atoosa's MySpace tribe is totally against cutting! [The 'Toos]
  • Columbia student opines that the exiled DePauw sorority sisters were merely lazy. Being fat had nothing to do with it. [Spectator]
  • The Teen Vogue interns have a blog now, and all the reality show girls have lots to say. It's gripping really! In its inability to grip us. [Teen Vogue via Fashionista]
  • Regret the Error blogger Craig Silverman is looking for submissions for his book about media mistakes. [Regret the Error]