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Jennifer 8. Lee, the Times reporter who penned the infamous "Man Date" story for Sunday Styles back in 2005, is under the gun, which explains why she hasn't invited you to any parties recently. She's got just three months to go, while still working Metro desk stabbings-and-fires style, before she must turn in the finished draft of her upcoming book about the diaspora of Chinese food. Gawker Weekend ambushed her up at Harvard today, where she was talking to students, and saw a mock-up of "The Fortune Cookie Chronicles"—pub date, March, 2008, and yes, it lost its genius original title, "The Long March of General Tso"—but the lettering of the title is quite brilliantly done up to look like a packet of soy sauce. Plus the jacket, it's orange, which is perfect: not too red, not too yellow. Most recently, Lee's been cramming for a chapter devoted to Chinese food around the world, and she's been burning through her advance in search of the greatest non-China-based Chinese restaurant on earth. So far, she's been to Rome, Paris, the Dominican Republic, Japan, Singapore, Vancouver, Bangkok, and soon to Dubai. Unclear whether that list is complete, but apparently the shit's different wherever you go. In France, they have sweet 'n' sour frog legs!