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Since his full-frontal breakout performance playing roving Kazakh cultural ambassador Borat Sagdiyev's long-suffering producer Azamat Bagatov in the Borat movie, self-described "day player" Ken Davitian has now officially graduated from "get me a fat Armenian-looking dude" Central Casting parts to becoming a bankable, sought-after talent in his own right. Davitian has just signed on to play the evil sidekick in the Get Smart movie:

Ken Davitian, the obscure actor who found worldwide fame playing the portly sidekick in "Borat," has joined the all-star cast of the big-screen adaptation of "Get Smart."

Steve Carell is playing Maxwell Smart, Anne Hathaway is Agent 99, and Alan Arkin is portraying the Chief of CONTROL.

Davitian will play the evil assistant to Terrence Stamp's character, the head of the nefarious organization known as KAOS.

"It's my first film that is with so many big people," said Davitian. "It's really an honor for me to work on this."

Producers brought Davitian on board as much for his menacing look and deadpan comic timing as they did for his well-established, liberal policy towards screen nudity. With most of the world now comfortable and familiar with most angles of his exposed body—whether the view from above as he snuffed out Sacha Baron Cohen with his hindquarters, or directly head-on as he galloped wild and free through a mortgage brokers' convention—it's the producers' hope that Davitian will help his co-stars feel just as comfortable about their bodies from the first moment he emerges from his trailer wearing nothing but a smile to shoot the homage to The Nude Bomb sequence.