A tipster sends along an email that purports to be from the "Cultural Center of Kazakhstan," an outfit that appears to have a barely functioning website. The email announces the Center's upcoming project at the "Time Warnerer building" called "From Kazakhstan With Love." We were all set to chalk this up as some sort of Petrescu-sibling-esque joke, when we read on and discovered that maybe, sadly, there's nothing intentionally funny about this at all.

Dear Sir/Madam, The Cultural Center of Kazakhstan, Inc. in New York proudly presents the Project "From Kazakhstan with Love", which will take place on 24 March of 2007. This event will allow professional ballet masters, singers and musicians from country of Republic of Kazakhstan, to have an opportunity to show their master skills and top level of the arts of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the city of New York. The participants will perform alongside with the distinguished American performers and American Kazakhstan performers, achieved a high recognition abroad as Prima Ballerina of New Jersey State Theater Saule Rakhmedova, Ballet dancer Tuvshin Bold, and a winner of the International competitions pianist Alia Alhan Malkeeva. The performances will take place on of the best stage of the city New York, at the Time Warnerner building Allen Hall (capacity of 427 people). The importance of this event is essential for the promotion of the culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the United States, and especially in the city of New York, which is considered as the Capital of the World for the arts and music. While living in the United States, we still struggle to explain what is our beloved country, and we dream of the great and peaceful representation of our country here through the cosmopolitan language of the arts.. We also offering the presence of your representative on these events, where we assure you the best attention and care of the arrived guests and free tickets for this events. Under your decision we are offering the speech of your representative on the events. We would like to kindly request your help for the successful completion of this event. Your help could be addressed to the Cultural center of Kazakhstan, Inc. bank account, through the web site of the organization. We are officially assuring you to follow all of your requests.

President of The Cultural Center of Kazakhstan, Inc,
Alia Alhan Mal'keeva, Ph.D.

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