The real saboteurs of Second Life Did anyone seriously thought that virtual Republican attack dogs were responsible for defacing the headquarters of the John Edwards campaign in Second Life ? A "hardcore liberal" called Mudkips Acronym, a name used by a longstanding troublemaker in the bizarro virtual world, has claimed responsibility for the sabotage of the Democratic candidate's pseudo-pioneering online presence, according to blog 10 Zen Monkeys .It was always more likely that a "griefer" — a kind of online anarchist — was the culprit. "Griefing is pretty much the only way to make Second Life fun if you aren't a furry or a pedophile or something," says one Second Life observer . Truth is that the only Republicans in Linden Lab's online haven for freaks are probably those corporate execs who have been snowed by smooth-talking futurists into believing that Second Life is the marketing platform of the future. And conservatives, I suspect, express their sexual deviancy, and political malice, in more traditional ways than a world of poorly rendered avatars provides.