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· Sadly, not even a special 100 Movies That Would Be Better If Marky Mark Starred In Them Issue was able to stop Premiere's circulation slide, forcing Hachette Filipacchi Media to shutter the magazine. Their website, however, will live on with all the fun bloggiebays and interactive pollamajigs that the kids love so much these days.
· Variety raids the Hollywood Reporter's newsroom.
· GHWB denies that the suspicious lacerations on his hand were caused by running it along Teri Hatcher's razor-sharp, bony ass.
· Ralph Fiennes transfers his membership in the Mile High Club to one in the Banging Four Broads in a Belgian Swimming Pool Club. Truly, this is a new hero for these uncertain times.
· If you've always suspected that Britney Spears is secretly a ninja with Real Ultimate Power, this is the website for you. [via BoingBoing]
· Now what fun is a Britney doll that you can't shave yourself?