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Richard Abate, the literary agent who sources tell us is "a nasty little man" and "one of those people who refuses to ever identify himself when calling, like you should obviously just be able to recognize the sound of his voice, and then eventually you do, and you hate yourself for it," will be the head of the new East Coast division of Endeavor, confirming a rumor we'd confusedly whispered when Abate left ICM. This move means the film agency, whose relatively few literary clients had previously been repped by Brian Lipson from his L.A. office, now thinks it's in a league with ICM and WMA. According to Variety, independent literary agents are none too pleased at what they perceive as the increased risk of big agency poaching. Sources at Endeavor strove to allay those fears, though, telling Variety that book agents are "more civil and less predatory by nature than film and TV agent counterparts in Hollywood." Oh, yes, especially Richard Abate! Gumdrops for everyone!

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