Past Class Day pre-commencement speakers up at Columbia University make up a fairly fancy gang, one that includes George Stephanopoulos, playwright Tony Kushner, and last year's much-protested choice, John McCain. But never before has the student body been quite so totally pissed over the choice of Class Day speaker as they are now. What, Lost star Matthew Fox isn't good enough for you children?

On Columbia blog Bwog, one of the editors writes:

We want a Class Day speaker that has accomplished more than being hot and lucking into a role on a show with a bunch of hot girls and then another that was a hit for a season and a half. Fox is hardly one of Columbia's most illustrious graduates, and, with due respect, should not be treated as such. In light of his comparative lack of credibility, Fox's invitation to speak should be rescinded.

Bwog invites all Columbia students to protest just as we protested McCain last year. Fox may not have authorized an illegal war, but then, what exactly HAS he done? To quote last year's anti-McCain buttons, "Fox does not speak for me."

That's true; they would have been much better off choosing, say, Columbia alum Julia Stiles, who could have at least choreographed an accompanying dance with her speech, as befits a university of Columbia's stature.

"Smokin' Aces" Star To Speak On Class Day? Not If We Can Help It [Bwog]