Julia Allison, our generation's very own brain-damaged Bradshaw, and free newspaper AM New York have mutually decided to end their relationship. We're sensing this won't be the kind of breakup where sometimes the former couple unites for intense hatefucks and crying: "We've enjoyed working with Julia for the past year and a half. We wish her all the best in her career," is all AM New York wanted to say when we asked whether Julia had been fired. We're guessing that maybe the blog post where Julia called AM on its lack of "journalistic integrity" might have had something to do with the split. But Julia's not looking back: "There's other shit I want to do, most of which involves marrying rich, but I've wanted to leave AM for a while now, and I was really passive aggressive in the last few weeks ... oh yeah, baby, it's all downhill from here. ;) i do hope i can stick with tv. writing is far too much effort ;)" she volunteered to us via (obvs) instant messenger. We have nothing to add.

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