Hidden amongst the Armani and the Carolina Herrera on the Bergdorf Goodman website is a section called, simply, Volume: CDs and Books. Aha, we thought, clicking on the link. What books could Bergdorf's be recommending to its well-heeled clientele? Highbrow literature? Classic New York tales? Sumptuous coffee table books of famed artistes? Well, not exactly, though they do promise "must reads for the literary afficionado [sic]."

What do these entail, exactly? Well! There's Gucci by Gucci: "Limited to just 4,000 copies worldwide, Gucci by Gucci captures the magic of the fashion empire with topics from Jackie O. to Tom Ford's minimalist masterpiece creations."

There's also a book about hotels that are on islands. And! The Balthazar Cookbook! Finally, something for the website-employed doucheface in your life!

Or perhaps you'd be more interested in Bunny Williams' Affair With a House, the tale of how a "world renowned interior designer details her joys and challenges over 28 years of restoring an 18th century house." Or maybe the $160 edition of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary would look lovely on the mantle. It's so decorative and they've probably spelled "aficionado" correctly, at least.

Books Volume [Bergdorf Goodman]